How Your Roofing Can Affect Your Home’s Energy Efficiency 

Today, the most popular trend for home improvement is transforming your house to be more energy efficient.  A lot of times, the focus for making your home more energy efficient in on replacing things such as doors, windows, and heating systems. However, another critical place to consider is your roof. Your roof takes the full energy of sunlight and can play a big difference in your home. Increased cost of energy is inevitable when weather extremes hit such as in summer or winter months.  
Energy Efficiency

Extend the use of heating and cooling systems adds burden to the bills of the homeowner. There might be many possible ways to lessen the cost of energy but focusing in much energy efficient roofing is effective, as the roof is considered to be your primary defense against elements. Here are some ways to improve the energy efficiency of your roof: 

Making sure that you have enough insulation is a relatively inexpensive way to transform your roof to be more energy efficient. Attics that do have poorly insulated attics do not provide your home with the protection against temperature extremes and keep the cost of energy low. This is exemplified by older home wherein less insulation is built compared to new homes constructed recently. Adding new insulation to a poorly insulated house attic will definitely provide benefit, it is crucial to determine the type of insulation and the optimal amount that must be used.  

Also, adding a cooling coating or material to the roof is another way to increase your roof’s energy efficiency. Anyone who has seen someone who wears black in the summer sun knows the effect of dark color to the retention of heat.  The exact principle applies to your roof as well, the darker your roof, the more heat it can retain. A qualified cooler such as cool-roofing paint can be added to reduce the retention of heat, this serves as a coating to the roof. Coating your roof can lessen the heat energy costs and increase waterproofing and UV, other benefits such as the extension of the lifespan of your roof are also obtained. Increase protection from the sun can be achieved by replacing aging shingles.  

Numerous cooling options are available in the market and it is advisable to contact professional services from trusted companies.  It’s also advisable that you use energy-efficient materials. For example, adding roof-cooling and insulation materials are less expensive ways to and easy options to greatly improve the energy efficiency of your roof. Upon adding a new roof to your house, you must keep in mind that energy efficiency must be a major factor in your decision. There is a number of energy efficient roofing materials that are accessible in the market, examples are metal roofing that even though costlier compared to other roofing, provides big savings in energy bills over the lifespan of the roof.  

Proper installation is a critical aspect so it is advisable that you contact professional Columbia roofing experts that specialize in particular materials since they are the most experienced and knowledgeable in this field.  

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